Welcome to House of Kiran Healing

Hello visitors and welcome to House of Kiran Healing. In this section I will be sharing my process through the journey of experiencing, learning about and practicing the healing arts. Along with being a professional performer, I am a registered yoga teacher (having received my certification during my travels throughout India) and am currently a student in the field of psychotherapy. This is an incredibly fascinating field which integrates mind, body, spirit and soul. I believe we each have areas in our lives which need to be explored and resolved in order to meet our highest potential and truth. The path to this is not necessarily easy, but with awareness, courage and compassion towards ourselves and towards one another, we have the ability to heal ourselves and transform this life. Tuning into this intelligence is what makes us human and what allows us to relate to one another.

I am by no means a Guru, but being a student in this field I feel compelled to share ideas or insights in my studies or practice that may resonate and/or be of service to you. And as every path is unique, I am always open to learning from others who have different perspectives. Please feel free to stop by this space whenever you feel you need a lift or some insight into healing techniques and do not hesitate to leave comments, questions and messages on these posts if you'd like to get a discussion going. 

Sending you all much love and light,