house of kiran HAREM TROUSER

Bohemian. Comfortable. Versatile. Worldly.

Wear them to lounge around in, to yoga/dance class/rehearsal, or pulled up as a onesie in the summer. One-size-fits-all with an extremely stretchy waist-band.

Dress them up with a pump, bold lip, and your favourite earrings, or dress them down with sneakers, an oversized t-shirt and a top-knot (MC Hammer style). Whatever the occasion, whatever the inspiration, each piece is unique, just like you.

Handcrafted in Kolkata (the 'City of Joy', no less), India, the House of Kiran Harem Trouser is made from recycled sari fabric. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind and we have cotton options as well. Soft to the touch; colourful on the skin.

 Email me with the following info so that I can pick out the perfect trouser for you: 1) Your fave colour(s) 2) Your fave kind of pattern(s) 3) What you'll wear them for and 4) 3 Things about you

Prices range from $40-$50 CDN per piece plus tax + shipping. As each piece is custom made, all sales are final. 10% of proceeds will be donated to buying rice for the Mother Teresa of Calcutta/Missionary of Charities Center, located in the same city in which these pants are stitched. More info below. 

mehar singh

Kolkata, Calcutta, or the 'City of Joy', is a second home to me. Not only does my father and much of my family live there, I also attended school there once upon a time. Needless to say, Kolkata holds a special place in my heart and whenever I go to visit, it's as though I am stepping into a parallel universe. My connection to Kolkata is much of the reason my clothing line has come to be.

The photos you see here are from one particular trip in 2009 when I spent time volunteering at Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity with my friend Romina. My Bapuji (grandfather), Mehar Singh Garib (pictured here along with my grandmother, who have both since passed), worked tirelessly building social services in Kolkata such as Gurdwara Sant Kutiya,  Khalsa High School, and Tegh Bahadur Nursing Home & Medical Research Center. In addition to his many responsibilities, Bapuji


found time to work with Mother Teresa herself when she was alive. In fact, he was interviewed by CNN at her funeral (I sure wish I could find that footage!). To all those around him and within myself, Bapuji, along with my own father, instilled the importance of giving back, yet always cautioned to do so responsibly. This is why I choose to donate to the organization in the form of rice as opposed to cash, allowing us to know exactly what our donation is being used for. I cannot think of a more immediately pressing contribution than food to the malnourished, orphaned and destitute.

Big love to the incredible women pictured here who work in the uniform shop at Khalsa High School and helped stitch these beauties. I also have much gratitude for my aunt (on the far right) who helps ensure all pieces are signed, sealed and delivered to me in Toronto, and then to you ♡